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YaY! Newgrounds, I love it! I also like anime and I play lot of Video Game genres, just not sports, there I'm no good at all. What ever, wish ya a nice day in Newgrounds!

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OsatoUchiha's News

Posted by OsatoUchiha - July 26th, 2016

Heya again Newgrounds! I haven't done anything Newgrounds related for a LOOOOOOONG time now and I'm going to change that. About the next entry in my Metal Slug series, it's going to be uploaded either this year or the next, but it WILL happen. I haven't given up on Metal Slug just yet! I just wanted to tell the few people that are following me that they can expect a new episode sometime in the next few months and that I'm still part of Newgrounds, although I got a little inactive this year.


That being said, I wish all of you a nice day and I assure you that this Metal Slug series will be finished, even if it takes me years to get so far.


Posted by OsatoUchiha - November 17th, 2015

Hey there again Newgrounds, first off I want to apologize to the few people that watch my animations, the next part of my series is currently behind schedule by half a year! I've had a lot of stuff to deal with this year, due to those circumstances I've been unable to continue work on my animations for quite some time. BUT, in order to make this update less gloomy I do have some good news, starting December  I'll start animating again and I'll try to keep you guys updated on my progress as much as possible. Thanks for readin' and have a nice day!


Posted by OsatoUchiha - June 10th, 2015

Hello again Newgrounds, I come today with an important question. Should I put in a Boss battle into my new animation? I did so on my last flash so I'm not sure if should keep up the trend, or just make the final scene be plot related dialogue.


This is how the boss would look like, but adding this little fellow into the animation will take some time, I'm not very fast in the Sprite making departement. Please comment on whether I should or not add a Boss battle. Thanks and have a nice day.

Posted by OsatoUchiha - June 8th, 2015

Hey there again Newgrounds, just wanted to inform you people that even though I wanted to get my Animation done by june, that won't happen. With college coming up and all it will probably take me 2 more months or so to achieve that. Sorry for teh bad news and have a nice day.

On the other hand I do have most of the sound effects I need, that is going to make it go even faster then I had initially expected.


Posted by OsatoUchiha - October 30th, 2014

Hey there newgrounds! Just wanted to inform all you people that I'm making the next installment in my Metal slug series. I'm looking forward to get your feedback and to see how my animation rates. :)




Posted by OsatoUchiha - February 20th, 2014

Finally! After a lot of work and effort I finished my newest Metal slug flash. If ya wanna watch it, here's the link:


Posted by OsatoUchiha - January 12th, 2014

I'm almost done with my newest Metal Slug animation! I've been workin' like crazy on this animation for the last week and it's almost finished! The funny thing is I started this projekt over 1 year ago I think and I finally came back to it. The only thing that is still missing are sounds and music and that is something that can't be dismissed in an animation, so if anyone want's to help, I'll greatly appreciate it.

Posted by OsatoUchiha - December 31st, 2012

Look what I got for christmas!
Lego yay!

The best Christmas gift EVER!!!

Posted by OsatoUchiha - December 9th, 2012

Tarma payin' a visit to Minecraft. :P


Posted by OsatoUchiha - December 6th, 2012

Makin good progress with my next Metal slug animation, but in the meantime another Tarma Shortie!