Entry #12

I'm still here

2016-07-26 12:52:15 by OsatoUchiha

Heya again Newgrounds! I haven't done anything Newgrounds related for a LOOOOOOONG time now and I'm going to change that. About the next entry in my Metal Slug series, it's going to be uploaded either this year or the next, but it WILL happen. I haven't given up on Metal Slug just yet! I just wanted to tell the few people that are following me that they can expect a new episode sometime in the next few months and that I'm still part of Newgrounds, although I got a little inactive this year.


That being said, I wish all of you a nice day and I assure you that this Metal Slug series will be finished, even if it takes me years to get so far.


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2016-07-30 23:59:10

just wanna say myself that i'm glad to have you back.


2016-08-11 02:17:04

Same here, I've been busy myself lately and believe it or not I'm still using those eri / tarma / interior background files you sent me. Almost done with my Resident Evil game. looking forward to your review !